River Kwai Bridge

The first version of the bridge was completed in February 1943, was all wood in April of the same year, a second bridge of steel was constructed. It was in use for 20 months before the allies bombed in 1945. It was rebuilt after the war the curved portions of the bridge are original.
The bridge over the river Kwae was constructed during WWII.This was a part of Japanese army railway from Nongpraduk station, Banpong District, Ratchaburi Province to Thanbyuzayat, Burma. Japanese army had to build the bridge to cross the river Kwae. So, they chose to construct the bridge at Thamakam village, Mueang District due to soil substantial supports.First they constructed the wooden bridge (it was away from the present bridge 100 meters) It took 3 months to finish. Then, followed by the iron bridge from Java. The tracks were laid by British. The bridge is 300 meters long and divided into 11 concrete piers. It officially opened on 25 December 1943 then, in November 1944 during WWII, the bridge was attacked by Allied plane and in the middle of bridge was completely damaged. Finally, on 15 September 1945 Japanese army surrendered to the war.

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