Erawan Waterfall

The most popular and best visited 7th level waterfalls .The shapes of the topmost fall is said to resemble Erawan. The 3 headed elephant of Hindu-Buddhist mythology. You can do a soft trekking by 2 km. trail to the top level .The trails weave in and out of the numerous pools and falls, sometimes running alongside the water, sometimes leading across footbridges. Wear good walking shoes or sneakers. Also bring a swimming suit as several of the pools beneath the waterfalls are great for swimming.
Each of the steps has its own name. The access to the first waterfall – named Hlai Keun Lung, is relatively easy, as you can get there on a flat trail about 10 mins walk from the parking .
The 2 nd level named Wung Macha, which is usually busier with swimmers.There’s a small cave under the falls The highlight of this tier is the great number of fish swimming in the ponds The fish are will swim around your legs and bite dead skin. Another hike of about 50 m takes you to the third tier, The 3 rd level called Pha Nam Tok (about 20-metre high), The 4 th level named Oke Phee Sua and the 5th level called Buar Mai Long you can swim in this level. They feature small cascades and ponds surrounded by rock formations and dense vegetation.
The 6th level Named Dong Prook Sa, It takes some more effort to reach the seventh tier of Erawan Waterfall, as the last stretch of the trail is particularly challenging.The 7 th level Called Phu Pha Erawan, this last fall features the three steps that give their name to Erawan Waterfall. In fact, Erawan is the name of a three-headed Hindu God.
There’s an admission fee for foreigners of 400 baht per adult and 200 baht per child that has to be paid at the visitor centre (the price for Thai citizens is cheaper).

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