Hin Dad Hot Spring

The riverside hot springs, discovered by Japanese soldier during World War II is some 130 kilometres from Kanchanaburi high way 323. The mineral hot water .You can relax your body and good for your health or you can do Thai massage nearly the hot spring.
Hin Dad Hot Spring was discovered by Japanese soldiers who forced prisoners of war to build the Death Railway during World War II. It was a natural hot spring with underground natural fountain flowing throughout the year. There are 3 cement ponds with different heat levels. The surface water temperature is 40-100 degrees Celsius while the hot spring water temperature is 45-55 degrees Celsius. It is believed that bathing with mineral water or soaking in hot springs is beneficial and healthy to the body due to its properties in the treatment and relief of the symptoms such as Relieves bone pain,muscular aches,Helps to enlarge pores and remove dirt under the skin in order to brighten the skin.

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